Welcome to islanderz.com v3 brought to you live from sunny Miami Florida.   Please read our disclaimer.  What is there to say about us other than we are a gang of Solar Powered Parrothead/Bikers from South Florida. Although it may seem weird to some who have known us in the past, we are avid fans and season ticket holders to the Florida Panthers hockey team. Litsy and I were married 2 hours after we registered for the 1999 MOTM in Key West and spent the first part of our honeymoon with 3000 others like us :).

We are currently employed here in Miami Florida.   As you may figure, we are very busy between our jobs and caring for our pets and kid, but we do sometimes have a little time to visit the beach, if only for a few hours per year. We have linked many of our favorite sites with more to come in the future.  We will be linking many of our favorite sites here and hope to show you a little of our world.